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Now more than ever,
it is imperative for future-focused businesses to be real-time ready
and engage consumers in the moments that matter!

Hardware Design

Scout Hardware Device


Wearable that connect desired criteria without the need of an internet connection.

Data Privacy


Meeting your match in person gives you an authentic impression of sympathy - eradicating the risk of disappointing blind dates.

User Friendly​ app Development

Strike Hubs

The business device that connects you customers in your vicinity for targeted advertising without breeching data privacy!

Environmentally Friendly


Coming soon!


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We provide flexible and creative solutions to your IT or Industrial problems.
Contact us to see how we can improve or develop a system which not only solves your problems, but also gives the end user intuitive support without distracting IT efforts.

We develope IT Products that are easy to use!

Adapting IT Solutions to Fit into Our Lives
and Not the Other Way Around.